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How to Interpret Your Dreams

No Website or Book Needed!

Originally published elsewhere, on a web site that is now defunct.

There are several different kinds of dreams. There are prophetic dreams, which are very rare in most people. That's when you dream of an airplane crash, or a bombing, or the unexpected death of someone. Those are straightforward. If you have one, record the details upon awakening, and check the news.

The second kind I call the "taking out the trash" dreams. These are nonsensical dreams composed of bits and pieces of things you did or saw during the day. It's your brain cataloging the day's events. These are usually very short and fairly meaningless.

The third kind are the dreams you might want to interpret. These are strange dreams, which you remember when you wake up, and have a feeling that you want to know more.

If your dreams interest you, keep a notebook or journal beside your bed and write them down as soon as you wake up. Don't get out of bed first. Keep a small flashlight handy in case you wake up in the middle of the night with a dream you want to remember.

lady dreamingDreams are very personal things. Many people have written books, and put up web sites, with vast lists of symbols, supposedly telling people what their dreams mean. I have looked at many of these books, and web sites, and I don't feel they are entirely accurate. For instance, a dog means something different to everyone. As do teeth.

When I was a child, I was scared of dogs after being bitten. A dog dream would have frightened me. Now I own a dog, so a dog dream is a positive thing. Dream guides variously say that dogs in a dream are good omens, meaning you have many friends but a barking dog means your friends are unfriendly; or a barking dog means bad, depressing news; or a dog means you have a forgotten skill.

Teeth are another common item dream symbol (I thought I was the only one!). I keep forgetting to make my dentist appointment, so dreaming of teeth for me is a just a reminder. But teeth are variously said to symbolize: lying, fear of losing someone you love, or that your health or business is failing.

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